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All About Rosy Barb Fish : Habitat, Tank Setup, Care, and Breeding

There are many serene exotic fish readily available for a community aquarium.

Rosy Barbs are a great choice, they are energetic, tranquil as well as vivid.

Their durable nature makes them very easy to look after, so both newbies and professionals can appreciate them.

This shoaling varieties loves to be in huge teams. The more you can keep, the much more exceptional their group habits become.

Whilst they are easy to maintain, Rosy Barb Fish still have their own individual preferences that need to be replicated for them to live a long, delighted life. In our short article we will cover the very best setups, tank mates, diet and also a lot more …

Category Rating
Family Cyprinidae
Size Up to 6 inches
Diet Omnivore
Color Form Red/Pink
Temperament Peaceful
Lifespan Up to 5 years
Care Level Easy
Minimum Tank Size 30 Gallons
Tank Set-Up Freshwater with plants and swimming space
Compatible Peaceful community


Review rosy barb fish

The Rosy Barb (Pethia conchonius) is a freshwater tropical fish in the Cyprinidae family– which likewise contains the closely relevant Carp as well as Minnow groups.

It is in some cases called the Red Barb, and also newbies often choose them since they are simple and also hardy to care for.

This species is native to Southern Asia where you will find huge populaces in the exotic waters. They have now spread worldwide to Australia, Mexico, Colombia as well as even more.

These fish are a favored for those with even more experience also as a result of their serene and also energetic nature.

They generate regularly, so specialist dog breeders will mate them in big quantities.

You ought to be able to pick these fish up for $2-4, so it is not also pricey to begin a shoal. When maintained in the ideal conditions, they will certainly live for up to 5 year.

Regular Habits

Rosy Barbs have a calm character, so they function well as part of an area. You will certainly need to purchase a couple of– they are a shoaling species that end up being emphasized on their own if you desire one.

They are energetic and also love to swim about in teams in the middle levels of the tank.

Several Barbs have actually acquired the credibility of being fin-nippers, Rosy Barb Fish are no exception. This problem is decreased when they are part of a large shoal due to the fact that they really feel much less worried. Avoiding tank mates with long fins is still advisable.

Rosy Barb Fish Look

Rosy Barb Fish Look

Since of their refined charm, these fish have actually gained appeal. One individual may not look especially vivid, however a shoal can be remarkably eye-catching.

Their body is torpedo shaped as well as can get to 6 inches, but they are fully grown by 2.5 inches. Fins are short and also normally do not have color and also the tail is forked.

They have a reddish-pink pigmentation all throughout their body. When stressed, this ends up being more extreme during durations of mating and also will discolor. The larger the shoal you have, the bolder their shades appear.

Feeding them foods high in carotenoids can assist to keep their colors.

Remarkably, Cyprinids like Rosy Barb Fish are stomach-less and have toothless jaws. They eat their food utilizing specialized gill rakers.

There are a few ways to inform men and females apart. Men have a brighter pink pigmentation on their body and have dark shades on their fins. Women have a tendency to be gold instead of red as well as are rounder and plumper as well.

Lots of Barbs have actually gotten the credibility of being fin-nippers, Rosy Barb Fish are no exemption. This problem is minimized when they are component of a huge shoal due to the fact that they feel less worried. Staying clear of tank mates with long fins is still suggested.

The larger the shoal you have, the bolder their colors show up.

Men have a brighter pink coloration on their body and also have dark colors on their fins.

Habitat and Tank Conditions

Habitat and Tank Conditions

Their all-natural habitat is the subtropical lakes as well as rivers of Southern Asia. The waters below are cooler than a lot of various other aquarium fish are utilized to, which is something to keep in mind when picking tank mates.

They like quick flowing waters with a high oxygen supply. Around them would certainly be a blend of plants and debris to work as refuge, yet they normally really feel risk-free in a group.

Below we define exactly how to develop their excellent aquarium environment, by recreating their natural habitat.

Rosy Barb Fish Tank Setup

Rosy Barbs do not spend much time at the end of the tank. So whilst the substratum is not extremely important, it is safest to utilize a fine-grained gravel or sand.

They enjoy having real-time plants around them, as they release oxygen, offer color as well as provide shelter to stressed fish. These Barbs may munch at plants with large leaves like Java Fern, so utilize fine-leaved plants like Hornwort.

See to it to leave plenty of empty swimming area, as this is where a shoal of Rosy Barb Fish will certainly invest most of their time.

Though the species is durable, they need water problems to be preserved within their favored variety to be healthy and balanced in the long term.

Warm the water to 64-72 ° F.

The pH ought to be 6-8.

Hardness should be less than 10dGH.

A powerful filter electrical outlet ought to create a strong enough present, however if you do not feel that the water is moving, after that you could wish to buy an air or water pump.

What Size Tank Do They Required?

The minimum tank size for a tiny team of Rosy Barbs is 30 gallons.

Each Rosy Barb you include in the shoal will certainly require at the very least 5 gallons of water– the more room you can give the better.

Rosy Barb Fish Tank Mates

Rosy Barb Fish Tank Mates

There are 2 means to maintain this social varieties:

  1. Either develop a single variety tank.
  2. Or add them in as part of a neighborhood.

A single types tank allows you to have a larger shoal and also prevents compatibility problems. It would certainly make breeding Rosy Barb Fish less complicated also. Yet, an area tank offers you the liberty to mix your favored species with each other.

Ideal tank mates are serene as well as prefer cooler water.

Fellow Barbs are excellent choices, such as Tiger Barbs and Cherry Barbs. Additionally, you might maintain them with Swordtails, some Gouramis, Mollies, Pearl Danio or Neon Tetras.

Kuhli Loaches as well as Otocinclus are a number of great options for including activity to the reduced levels of your tank.

You will certainly be happy to listen to that Rosy Barb Fish make secure companions if you are a follower of freshwater invertebrates. You could add Ghost Shrimp or Nerite Snails (or others) without stressing over them disappearing.

Do not keep Rosy Barbs with territorial or hostile types (like Oscars).

These fish are fin-nippers, so don’t keep them with any fish which have lengthy streaming fins.

Maintaining Rosy Barbs With Each Other

Yes, in fact you ought to be maintaining them in groups. As part of a huge group, they are less most likely to get stressed out or nip fins.

There need to go to the very least 5 Rosy Barb Fish in your tank to maintain this shoaling species delighted.

Feed Rosy Barb

Feed Rosy Barb Fish

These fish are omnivorous as well as will take whatever food they can get. There are great deals of foods you can select from when designing their diet.

The healthiest foods are frozen or online as they have the greatest dietary content– brine shrimp as well as bloodworms are good options. In the wild they would certainly sometimes consume plant matter too. You might add in some remaining environment-friendly vegetables like zucchini or lettuce.

Since they are inexpensive as well as frequently stocked, dried out foods are preferred. These are not as healthy and balanced though as they lose most of their nutritional web content while they are made.

Be sure to supplement them with other extra dietary foods if you want to use dried out foods.

Beware not to overfeed given that these opportunistic fish will certainly keep eating up until there is nothing left. Just give them what they can conveniently complete in 2 mins, two times a day.

Eliminate it before it pollutes the water if there is any type of food left over.

Rosy Barb Fish Care Guide

A basic facet of looking after fish is keeping their fish tank clean. An unclean tank aids conditions thrive as well as spread.

Carry out water changes every number of weeks to avoid pollutants from building up. If you area indicators of illness, enhance the frequency of water changes.

You ought to be cleaning down excess algae also, as it will certainly expand greatly.

Health problem is a higher threat to fish with a weak immune system because they are less able to kill off virus. A nutritious diet will certainly keep a solid body immune system, so see to it you have actually read our feeding suggestions in the diet area over.

Newbies to the hobby often don’t recognize exactly how bad overfeeding can be for their fish. It leads to bloating, where the abdominal area swells. Allocate their diet as well as the swelling will certainly lower.

Although they are a hardy varieties, Rosy Barb Fish can catch a couple of conditions. Quarantine them to prevent it spreading to your various other fish if you discover an infected fish.

Ich (white spot disease) is an ectoparasite that several aquarists need to take care of at some time. It causes white places to show up across the body as well as fins. When you include brand-new fish or filthy used equipment, it enters your tank. This is why it is advised you quarantine brand-new fish for a while before introducing them to your main setup.

The healthiest foods are live or icy as they have the highest possible dietary web content– salt water shrimp as well as bloodworms are great choices. Newcomers to the hobby commonly do not understand just how poor overfeeding can be for their fish. Ich (white place disease) is an ectoparasite that lots of aquarists have to deal with at some factor. It enters your tank when you include brand-new fish or filthy pre-owned tools. This is why it is advised you quarantine new fish for a while before presenting them to your primary configuration.

Rosy Barb Fish Breeding

Rosy Barb Fish Breeding

Rosy Barbs are fairly easy to breed.

First of all, you require a specialized breeding tank maintained within the appropriate parameters.

They just generate in superficial water simply a couple of inches deep. The water needs to be very clean with a temperature of 72 ° F.

Supply a team with a proportion of one man for each 2 women.

When the lady prepares to breed, she will become a lot more vivid. Throughout this time around a pair will certainly start dating and also relocating around the tank with each other. When the eggs are fed, the ladies will spread them around the plants in the tank.

Within 36 hrs the fry will certainly hatch and also you need to relocate them to a much deeper tank– this will also divide them from the adults who could consume them.

Feed the fry little crushed foods or infusoria until they get to a size where they can eat grown-up foods.

Are Rosy Barbs Appropriate For Your Fish Tank?

Since they are so hardy, these are easy fish to care for. Maintaining Rosy Barb Fish will certainly be a wind if you already have some fishkeeping experience.

They delight in a broad variety of foods as well as can be kept with many different types.

The only issue you may experience is fin-nipping. This is quickly avoided by selecting tank mates with tiny fins.

Rosy Barb Fish are an optimal option for someone looking to include color as well as task. A big group of them will certainly turn your fish tank into a terrific destination.

When the woman is prepared to breed, she will come to be extra vibrant. During this time a set will begin relocating and also courting around the tank with each other. When the eggs are fertilized, the females will certainly spread them around the plants in the tank.

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