Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish

Jack Dempsey Fish : Size, Aquarium Size, Care, and Breeding

Cichlids are a typical sight in exotic aquariums. They are available in all sizes and shapes, each with their very own habits as well as character.

Jack Dempseys are just one of the most well known cichlids.

They are well known for their hostility as well as do not play well with others, but that does not indicate they can’t be kept in groups, or even with other types.

Those who understand just how to handle their hostile nature can produce a flourishing fish tank, however those that do not will certainly battle to quit them pestering their tank mates. When maintained effectively, this carnivorous fish introduces various colors and also lots of task to your tank.

This write-up will certainly help you get to grips with Jack Dempseys, covering their ideal tank setup, feeding preferences, tank mates and much more …

Category Rating
Temperament Aggressive
Color Form Gray with bright flecks
Lifespan 8-10 Years
Size 10-15 Inches
Diet Carnivore
Family Cichlidae
Minimum Tank Size 80 Gallons
Tank Set-Up Tropical freshwater
Compatibility Aggressive fish of a similar size
Care Level Intermediate

Jack Dempsey Fish Introduction

Jack Dempsey Fish Overview

Jack Dempsey, or Rocio octofasciata, are fish from the Cichlidae household.

The majority of cichlids are either from Africa or America. Jack Dempseys are no exception and are found in slow-moving waters throughout North as well as Central America, such as Mexico as well as Honduras. Cichlids have actually expanded quickly in these areas.

They have actually now been established in the warm waters of Australia as well as Thailand, where it’s recognized in your area as the Mexican Blue Frontosa.

If kept in a healthy environment, this meat-eating fish usually lives up to 8-10 years but can endure up until 15 years old.

The majority of animal stores market them for $5-10– rarer varieties can cost a bit a lot more though.

It might be a little tougher to discover a specific color if you have a specific variety in mind.

Common Habits

Many individuals are put off by the aggressive nature of this species. Those not made use of to maintaining aggressive fish might battle to take care of them appropriately, so they are not recommended for newbies.

They often tend to be much less hostile in well populated storage tanks since it’s tougher for them to select and also badger roaming fish.

A male will certainly attempt to develop an area and will certainly ward off various other individuals. If you have a lot of caves as well as holes to create different territories, there will certainly be couple of area disagreements.

They spend a lot of time hiding away in these caverns so can appear rather shy. Primarily they will stay in the middle and reduced levels of the tank.

Appearance of Jack Dempsey Fish

Appearance of Jack Dempsey Fish Size

Their common name is based on their look. They have strong facial functions and a hostile nature, similar to that of the 1920s fighter Jack Dempsey.

This types has a large oval body, with lengthy fins. Men will certainly be larger with longer fins.

Their popularity is partly due to the variety of colors you can locate them in. There are lots of ranges, yet the most prominent are pinks, golds and also blues.

Color will differ from individual to specific, specifically considering that their color changes as they age. Younger fish are a pale grey with green streaks, older fish come to be a dark purple-gray with intense blue flecks.

When they are stressed and dark while mating, colors can change temporarily– they get pale. You can consider their fins to sex them. Males have long dorsal as well as rectal fins with sharp ideas, women have much shorter fins that are less noticable.

There is a preferred blue selection of this types recognized simply as the electrical blue Jack Dempsey. This range is a little smaller sized and much less aggressive.

Jack Dempsey Fish Size

Jack Dempsey fish will expand in between 10-15 inches, with ladies expanding a little much shorter.

Jack Dempsey Habitat and Tank Issues

Jack Dempsey Fish Tank Size

In the wild you will certainly locate Jack Dempsey fish living in a series of slow-moving freshwaters. This consists of murky rivers, canals, lakes as well as swampy locations.

They choose exotic environments, so they are utilized to warm waters. The setting would certainly be slightly acidic with reduced light degrees.

Their environments would be a sandy, muddy substratum with rocks as well as particles sat on top. Plants would certainly be spread around as well.

Tank Arrangement

Starting at the end of the tank, pick a soft sandy substratum considering that Jack Dempseys invests great deals of their time in the reduced degrees of the water.

When adding decorations, ensure you have actually multiple caverns spread around the tank to make sure that your fish can discover as well as claim their very own regions.

You can include plants as well as they do not normally damage them. You might discover that one day they choose they do not such as the plants in the tank and also have damaged them. Beware to examine that any other species you maintain won’t destroy them either.

They will certainly need a heating system to keep a temperature in between 72-86 ° F. The pH ought to be 6-7 and also water hardness must be 9-20 dGH.

An air or water pump is not required due to the fact that they like slow-moving waters, you will certainly just need a filter to create a mild present.

Avoid intense lights or your Jack Dempseys will certainly simply hide away. Their natural water would certainly be slightly murky so make use of some dimmer lights. Floating plants (like hornwort) can be utilized to color specific locations.

Jack Dempsey Fish Tank Size

Maintaining them in a huge sufficient tank is important as a tiny tank will certainly prompt their territorial propensities.

Jack Dempsey fish requirement at the very least an 80 gallon tank.

The Amount Of Can Be Kept Per Gallon?

Each fish will need at least 55 gallons of water, however they will appreciate even more space.

Remember these fish are aggressive as well as require their very own area so give them each a spot to hideaway.

Shades can alter temporarily– they obtain pale when they are dark and also worried while breeding. Men have long dorsal as well as anal fins with sharp suggestions, women have much shorter fins that are less pronounced.

You could find that one day they decide they do not such as the plants in the tank as well as have damaged them. Avoid intense lights or your Jack Dempseys will simply hide away. Their all-natural water would certainly be a little murky so use some dimmer lights.

Jack Dempsey Tank Mates

Jack Dempsey Aquarium Mates

The aggressive nature of Jack Dempseys can be fairly limiting when searching for tank mates, but that does not mean there aren’t some excellent options available.

Tank mates typically require to be a comparable size with the same hostile personality. This means that no fish can fit in another’s mouth, and everybody can safeguard themselves.

Serene types will be bugged, potentially to the point of fatality. Small fish like tetras will certainly just be dealt with as food.

Oscar fish are a prominent alternative as are Mbuna cichlids. Other options include: Angelfish, Birchir, Blue Acara, Clown loaches, Convict Cichlids, Firemouth Cichlids, Plecostomus, as well as Silver Bucks.

Invertebrates like shrimp as well as snails are prominent in exotic aquariums, yet they will likely be deemed a snack.

Can You Keep Jack Dempsey Fish Together?

Maintaining Jack Dempseys with each other in a species-only tank is the very best alternative for newbies. It can be tough to maintain various other species alive.

Simply remember males don’t tolerate other males extremely well, so one per tank is the safest choice.

Jack Dempsey Diet and Feeding

Jack Dempsey Diet and Feeding

As carnivorous fish, a Jack Dempsey’s diet would generally contain anything meaty that they can suit their mouths. They can swiftly grab worms, crustaceans, bugs and little fish.

There are lots of choices for feeding them in a home fish tank. They are not choosy eaters so you can pick what is simplest for you.

Processed dried foods are generally cheaper as well as readily available. You can find flakes as well as pellets developed specifically for cichlids. If you are mosting likely to use refined foods, choose some extra frozen/live foods to add right into the tank periodically– this will aid give them a variety of nutrients.

Popular choices consist of bloodworms as well as salt water shrimps. Larger pests like crickets, insects, as well as fruit flies will certainly decrease quite possibly with your Jack Dempseys.

Herbivorous foods will primarily be denied, which is why you can maintain plants in the tank with a low danger of them being eaten.

Feed your grownups 1-2 times a day. Include an amount that they can complete within 2 mins. Juveniles ought to be fed a bit more often, 2-3 times a day, to help them expand.

Jack Dempsey Fish Care Overview


Jack Dempseys have simple care demands. When you maintain a team or mix them with various other species, the issues start.

Managing their hostility can be challenging if you have not maintained hostile cichlids before. If cared for poorly, your Jack Dempseys will start bugging each other as well as other types.

This varieties is not the best option for beginners to fishkeeping.

It is not hard to keep them healthy if the hostility is handled properly. Nevertheless, they can obtain conditions just like all other freshwater fish. Among the most usual issues is Ich (white area condition)– this is an ectoparasite that appears as white nodules on the body as well as fins.

Raising the water temperature in your tank to 86 ° F can aid to deal with the disease.

One more common illness is Head as well as Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE). This develops pits or dental caries on the head. It is generally caused by poor nourishment, so you will certainly need to change their diet regimen if you find it.

A harmful atmosphere normally advertises illness, so you need to keep the tank tidy. Anything you contribute to a recognized tank can bring condition with it so quarantining points is a must.

Processed dried foods are normally less costly as well as easily available. If you are going to make use of processed foods, pick some extra frozen/live foods to include into the tank sometimes– this will certainly assist offer them a variety of nutrients.

If the aggression is dealt with effectively, it is not challenging to keep them healthy and balanced. They can obtain illness just like all various other freshwater fish. One of the most usual issues is Ich (white area condition)– this is an ectoparasite that shows up as white nodules on the body and fins.

Breeding Jack Dempsey Fish

Breeding Jack Dempsey Fish

When a set of Jack Dempseys prepare to mate their shades will certainly darken. If the male prepares to mate however the lady is not, she may be pestered to the point of fatality.

Conditions require to be near excellent for spawning to be launched. The water requires to be clean and also within the specifications described previously. A temperature level at the higher end of the range (~ 84 ° F) is a good trigger.

Bigger men will be a lot more successful in attracting a woman (this prevails for several cichlids).

Up to 500 eggs can be produced once breeding has actually occurred. The eggs are affixed to a neighboring level surface such as decors, the substratum, or the wall surfaces of the aquarium. After three days they must have hatched out.

The parents are rather conscientious to the fry, they dig openings in the substratum to shield the fry until they are free-swimming. Both the mommy as well as daddy will certainly share the task of protecting the young.

They also crush up food and launch it for the young to eat up until they allow sufficient to find food themselves.

If the moms and dads are worried by poor environmental problems, they could begin eating the young and also will need to be divided.

Are Jack Dempsey Fish Right For Your Aquarium? (Summary).

Every fish tank is various, but most recognized storage tanks won’t be able to a home a brand-new group of Jack Dempseys. This cichlid will require a tank designed specifically for them.

This is primarily due to their aggressive nature and the constraint this creates on tank mate. It is not a fussy types, so as for setting up the tank goes, they are reasonably straightforward to provide for.

They are likewise not picky about their diet plan either as well as will accept a lot of the very same foods as other carnivorous cichlids.

Novices may battle to maintain these fish, but if you handle it you will be entrusted to some colorful fish with big individualities.

Conditions require to be near best for spawning to be initiated. The water needs to be clean and also within the criteria described previously. Once breeding has actually happened, up to 500 eggs can be produced. The eggs are connected to a close-by flat surface area such as decorations, the substrate, or the wall surfaces of the fish tank.

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